1gm Cul de Cannard Feathers by Chevron & Veniard

Cul de Cannard featersCul de Cannard featers

1gm Cul de Cannard Feathers by Chevron & Veniard

Introducing Hand Dyed Cul de Cannard Feathers - the highest quality CDC feathers that are guaranteed to take your fly tying game to the next level. So, what makes these cul de cannard feathers so special? 

Here are just a few reasons:

Hand dyed: Each feather is dyed with care to ensure consistent quality and vibrant colours that will make your flies stand out.

Natural oil content: The dyeing process is designed to retain the CDC's natural oil content, which makes these feathers incredibly buoyant and perfect for dry flies.

Feather structure: Chevron's processing ensures that the feathers retain their natural structure, which means that they're easy to work with and will give your flies a natural, lifelike appearance.

Packet size: Each packet contains 1g of CDC feathers, so you'll have plenty to work with for multiple flies.

Colour options: Choose from seven beautiful colours and natural to match your fly patterns and preferences.

Whether you're a seasoned fly-tyer or just starting out, Chevron Hand Dyed Cul de Cannard Feathers are a must-have in your kit. These high-quality feathers offer exceptional performance, making them a popular choice among fly tyers worldwide.

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