Jensen 'New Series@ Fly Fishing Lines. 'Vector' – Floating Stillwater Line

Jensen 'New Series@ Fly Fishing Lines. 'Vector' – Floating Stillwater Line

A.Jensen NEW SERIES FLY LINES  Vector – Floating Stillwater Line

The Vector line, designed with one purpose in mind - to simplify casting long lines, is an apt choice for coastal and/or still water fishing where the casting distance matters.
Its head is designed for quick loading, a feature that benefits all casters, particularly those with less experience.
To further facilitate extended casts, the running line has been made extra thin.
The taper of the Vector line plays a crucial role in turning bigger flies with ease, a necessity when streamers and lures need to be delivered at distance to hungry fish.
The Vector line is 2 coloured. The head in light blue and the running line in fluo. Yellow.

This colour differentiation simplifies casting by allowing the caster to identify the end of the head easily, indicating when to shoot line.

All lines are equipped with premade slim welded loops in both ends.

Sizes #5, #6, #7 & #8

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