A.Jensen Viper II 9ft #9 Predator Rod 4 pce.

A.Jensen Viper II 9ft #9 Predator Rod 4 pce.

A.Jensen Viper II 9ft #9 Predator Rod 4 pce.

The very well-balanced Viper II rods are a perfect rod for the fisherman that is in demand of a delicate yet tuff “fishing tool”.

Jensn have built this series based on their immensely popular Viper series, especially for Pike fishing. (These rods are also in the updated Viper II series.)

The action is fast which gives you tremendous line speed. With the added extra stiffness lower in the blank which will easily produce the power needed for the extra-long casting often needed when Stillwater fishing. The Viper II rods using Advanced Helical Taper, assures the rod is a great fishing tool, not only as “stiff” casting tool. It is a joy to fish, cast and play fish on.

These fast action rods are built with AHT (Advanced Helical Taper) and SBD (Slim Blank Design) and by using these technologies you get just what you need.

The blank is made with 40-ton high pressure UD Graphite (unidirectional carbon fibers).

The Viper II are all 4 pcs rods in a beautiful deep green color with metallic green and gold trimmings and build with top quality fittings like oversized quality guides and Pac Bay Minima shooting guides.

Cork is Topline 4 AAAA grade Portuguese cork.


40 Tons UD graphite (Unidirectional carbon fiber). SBD (Slim Blank Design). AHT (Advanced Helical Taper technology). Top quality 4 AAAA Portuguese cork handles

PacBay Minima shooting guides. Saltwater resistant reel seat. Dots for correct and easy assembling of rod parts. Supplied in Cordura rod tube

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