Guinea Fowl Assorted Packs Body Feathers

Guinea Fowl Mixed Pack Body FeathersGuinea Fowl Mixed Pack Body Feathers

Guinea Fowl Assorted Packs Body Feathers

normal rrp £3.00 these pack are priced to clear.

Guinea Fowl 2oz Mixed Assorted Packs Body Feathers.  The best spotted hackle for all sorts of patterns. 

Stunning Guinea Fowl Plumage feathers in a range of colours. These stunning small feathers retain their natural spotty markings. Body and neck hackles, natural or dyed. Robust and versatile feathers.

6 col pack. Natural, Dyed Orange, Blue, Yellow, Red, Olive.  £10.00 per pack

5 col pack.  Dyed  Orange, Blue, Yellow, Red, Olive. £8.00 per pack

3 col pack.  Dyed  Orange, Blue, Yellow. £5.00 per pack

2 col pack.  Dyed  Orange, Yellow. £3.00 per pack

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