20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader

20/20 Magnetic Tippet Threader

'Fly threading made easy'.

The Magnetic Fly Threader is an amazing tool. The small black magnetic box is designed to help you thread their tippet through the eye of the fly.

The fly threader features a groove for sliding your tippet down. The groove guides the tippet down towards the hook eye. This is held in place by a small magnet notch that holds the fly perfectly in place.

The fly threader is ideal for anglers who have less than perfect eyesight or anglers who struggle to see perfectly in lower light conditions. This tool also features a small clip for attaching to a zinger or eyelet on a wading jacket or waistcoat. The Magnetic Fly Threader is very easy to use and perfectly aligns the leader to the fly.

To use simply insert the eye of the hook downwards int the magnetic notch. This will hold the fly in place. Then Insert the tippet material into the groove of the fly threader. Feed the line down the groove and through the eye of the hook.

Once the line is through the eye, simply pull the fly off the magnet and tie with your favourite knot to secure it to your line.

There is one Magnetic Fly Threader supplied per pack with instructions on how to use.

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