Semperfli Synthetic Peacock Herl 2mm Extra Small & 4mm Small

Semperfli Synthetic Peacock Herl 2mm Extra Small & 4mm Small

Semperfli Synthetic Peacock Herl 2mm Extra Small & 4mm Small

'Designed to imitate natural Peacock Herl Semperfli Synthetic Peacock Herl 2mm Extra Small Black Peacock is a fritz / chenille which contains all the iridescents that you find in natural Peacock Herl, accents of blue, green, copper and gold highlight and change in different lighting conditions just like natural Peacock Herl.'

Peacock herl has been used for many years as a stunning fly-tying material. With its stunning iridescence fly tiers love the way the colours change as you look at this amazing material. Since the natural product is now subject to having a of CITES certificate the Semperfli team decided to create a synthetic peacock herl that would reflect different colours as with he natural. The new Peacock Herl has black, blue and green backgrounds and different coloured tinsels embedded. With a tight core that reflects the peacock’s natural iridescence and colour changing effects as light hits different parts of the herl. With this synthetic herl you can cover the hook very quickly with simple wraps to create perfect alternative to Peacock Herl without the concern that your Peacock Herl will snap mid fly.

The peacock herl substitute is available in Black Peacock, Blue Peacock and Green Peacock available in 2mm and 4mm with 4m per pack.

Features of the Synthetic Peacock Herl:

It is far far stronger than natural peacock herl, and being so robust it will make a fly with an exposed area like a Klinkhammer thorax last longer before it is destroyed.

The length is not limited to the length of the herl like natural.

3 different color variants which can be used alone or weaved together to enhance effect

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