Stonfo Elite Vice

Stonfo Elite ViceStonfo Elite Vice

Stonfo Elite Vice


You a fly-fishing enthusiast looking for the perfect tool to create flawless flies and streamers?

Look no further than the Stonfo Elite Vice - the ultimate fly tying vice for professionals and hobbyists alike. Crafted with high-quality materials and innovative features, the Stonfo Elite Vice offers the following benefits:

  • In-line 360° rotary action for seamless and precise fly tying,
  • Stainless steel shaft with precision ball bearings for smooth rotation,
  • Adjustable shaft for easy rotation of the shank of the hook,
  • Super soft lever device for secure hook locking- Interchangeable jaws for versatility in fly tying,
  • Adjustable rotary tension for customized tension control,
  • Locking position at any angle for complete control and comfort,
  • Adjustable height and reversible for left-handed tying,
  • Steady pedestal base with an integrated tool rack for convenient access to accessories,
  • Includes a rounded shape bobbin cradle,
  • parachute plier, and
  • adjustable spring for added convenience and versatility.

Whether you're a seasoned fly tier or just starting out, the Stonfo Elite Vice is the perfect tool to take your fly tying to the next level. With its precision engineering and innovative design, this fly-tying vice will help you create flawless flies and streamers every time. Invest in the Stonfo Elite Vice and watch as your fly-tying skills soar to new heights!

Please  allow a couple of days for delivery.

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