Euro Seal 'Easy to Dub' Dubbing

Euro Seal 'Easy to Dub' DubbingEuro Seal 'Easy to Dub' Dubbing

Euro Seal 'Easy to Dub' Dubbing


Euro Seal 'Easy to Dub' Dubbing Generous (approx) 5gram 

The most famous of all the dubbing materials. Hundreds of applications. We always try to supply Super Soft baby Seal wherever possible.When Covid struck in March 2020, we had to pack up our shop at Eyebrook, and in doing so completely forgot about this stuff. In sorting out our store we have found a box of bulk Euro Seal Fur brought back from a US show where it was being introduced to European buyers. Now is your chance to get some really good dubbing at a great price in generous (approx.) 5gram packs.

This is a natural fur substitute for seal's fur, crafted in USA for sale in Europe. It is spiky and has excellent translucent properties, is a little longer and softer which makes this dubbing much easier to use than coarser genuine seal's fur. It consists of a combination of super soft baby seal (legal at the time) and Angora fibre to allow it into Europe 

This dubbing comes in a range of traditional colours and is suitable for a variety of patterns from nymphs to carp patterns to some saltwater patterns and is ideal for dubbing loops and making dubbing brushes.


Natural, Black, Sunburst, Chartreuse, Claret, Yellow Olive, Light Olive, Dark Olive, Brown

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